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Discover the best of Pisa with a professional guide. Visit the Square of Miracles, the Cathedral, and feel like a local as you explore the historic center. Discover the best of Pisa with a local guide. Marvel at the Square of Miracles and its monuments known as “miracles” because of their incredible beauty and uniqueness: the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the famous Leaning Tower. Visit the interior of the Cathedral and admire its distinctive Romanesque architecture.The celebrated Leaning Tower, the round-shaped Baptistery surrounded by suggestive columned arcades and the Camposanto, an extraordinary quadrangular cloister, will blow your mind. The commentary of your guide will be particularly focused on the Leaning Tower, one of the wonders of the world whose history and leaning structure stirs the imagination of all visitors.You will discover that Pisa is much more than the Leaning Tower. Enjoy a pleasant stroll through the old town, stop to admire the Church of San Sisto, one of Pisa’s oldest churches, and explore the medieval Piazza dei Cavalieri, home to one of the most famous universities in the world – the Scuola Normale – and the Conte Ugolino Tower, which is mentioned in Dante’s Divine Comedy.The city grew and developed in and around the inlets of the Arno, which lend the view of the Lungarni and the majestic grand-ducal buildings, Romanesque and Gothic style churches and the overlooking Medieval and Renaissance fortifications. From Garibaldi Square located near the Lungarni, you will reach Borgo Stretto, one of the most popular streets in town, before heading back to the Square of Miracles and end the guided tour by the magnificent Leaning Tower.

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