Private tour: Valley of the Temples and Archaeological Museum of Sicily

Agrigento -

Admire the magnificent Doric temples of the sacred hill, recently listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Enter the Regional Archaeological Museum "Pietro Griffo"! Through this tour, you will have the chance to admire the magnificent Doric temples of the sacred hill, as the Temple of Hera (Juno), the Temple of Concordia, Temple of Herakles (Hercules), the Temple of Zeus (Jupiter) and Sanctuary of chthonic deities. Follow the steps and the words of your expert guide and you will also understand the culture that led to the construction of those majestic structures and you will get to know the characters that made Akragas 'the most beautiful city of mortals'.
After the Vally of the Temples, your guide will take you to visit the Regional Archaeological Museum "Pietro Griffo". The museum houses an impressive collection of vases, two famous Greek marble statues, sarcophagi from the Greek and Roman periods and the original of one of the colossal Telamons of the Temple of Olympic Jupiter. This visit is very recommended to those who wish to have a more complete view of daily life in ancient Greece thanks to the numerous artefacts you can find here.
The guided tour also includes the remains of the ancient Agora, in which the Museum building is located.

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Explore a unique UNESCO Cultural World Heritage site in beautiful Sicily, Get to know the history and the fascinating characters that shaped the face of Akragas, Visit the Regional Archaeological Museum "Pietro Griffo", one of the most interesting in Sicily

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private tour, expert tour guide, tickets for the Vally of the Temples and the Museum "Pietro Griffo"

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food & drinks

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