Juliet’s house and balcony

Who would not want to relive, at least once in their lifetime, the unforgettable and romantic scenes of the Shakespearean tragedy of Romeo and Juliet? In Verona, at 23 Via Cappello, a few metres from the central Piazza delle Erbe, notes and promises of love decorate the façade of Juliet’s house.

This is an obligatory stop for all incurable romantics, and can we blame them? Once you enter the inner courtyard from via Cappello, where they say the Cappelletti or Capulet used to live, the story of the two lovers comes to life in the imagination. A little Gothic style balcony shyly faces the courtyard, and you can almost see the two unfortunate lovers exchange promises of love in defiance of the authority of their families in the name of their happiness.

The courtyard is connected to Via Cappello by a small tunnel whose walls are covered with writings and notes left by visitors “to Juliet”. Declarations of love, dreams, words of hope and joy line the wall in many different languages, giving it a magical quality. Anyone who wants to visit this picturesque place full of love will be welcome, perhaps leaving a small dedication or a request for love “to Giulietta”.

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  • Although the house and the interiors date back to the 14th century, Juliet’s balcony itself was rebuilt at the beginning of the 1900s to make it more like the theatrical sets of the most important works of Shakespearean tragedy.


  • One of the most famous beliefs related to Juliet’s house is that it assures eternal happiness to the two lovers who declare their love by writing it on a note and posting it in the tunnel.
  • Another belief widely held among tourists is that touching the right breast of the statue of Juliet, located inside the courtyard, will bring luck and happiness for your whole life.
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