Academy Galleries

Located in Sestiere di Dorsoduro and founded in 1750 by the Academy of Painters and Sculptors, known today as the Academy of Fine Arts, the Galleries are a true treasure chest of works of art from Veneto and Venice.

Their story begins with the old buildings of the Convent of the Lateran Canons and of the School of Charity, when in 1807 Bonaparte decided that these two buildings would be evicted and redeveloped as galleries and home of the new Academy of Fine Arts, founded again by the old Academy of Painters. Having done the necessary work to remove the religious furnishings, the old Academy collections were brought to the galleries, mostly made up of works by the students. These first collections, initially gathered just for educational purposes, were expanded over the years by acquiring more works from private citizens and from the recovery of artefacts from religious buildings that gradually closed in the Napoleonic era.

Nowadays, walking along the corridors offers an indescribable feeling. From Veneziano to Bellini, from Giorgione to Da Vinci, Tiziano and Tintoretto, the historical period covered by the collections on display goes from 1300 to 1800, for the pleasure and true amazement of the art lovers who visit them.



  • The Academy Galleries represented a true salvation for the works that they preserve today. Bonaparte had many religious places closed during his rule, and if the Academy had not received them, today many of these works would have been lost.


  • The Academy is organized with everyone in mind. The whole building is accessible also through the use of manoeuvrable platforms and lifts.
  • The largest painting in the Academy, measuring 12 metres in length, is the Convitto in the Levi house painted by Veronese. Such a work certainly deserves a visit!
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