What to see in Itria Valley, between Trulli and whitewashed villages

Between hundreds year-old olive trees and vineyards, whitewashed houses and red soil, trulli and masserie (elegant yet rustic restructured farmhouses), Itria Valley will offer you enchanted atmospheres and dreamlike landscapes. Today we want to suggest you an itinerary that leads you to discover the Valle dei Trulli through its most suggestive villages: from Alberobello to Ostuni, passing through Locorotondo, Martina Franca and Cisternino, here’s all the places that you can’t miss.

Alberobello, Trulli’s Capital


Our journey starts in Alberobello and its Trulli, World Heritage site: more than a thousand conic shaped traditional rock houses, dry built and whitewashed white. On the front of the cupola you will see some symbols painted: of pagan and christian origins, they are told to keep the evil away. Enter then in the ancient Rione Monti to find the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio, with a trullo shaped cupola, the Casa Pezzolla complex, that hosts the Museo del Territorio, the Trullo Sovrano, where all of the village’s events take place and the Basilica dei Santi Medici.

Locorotondo, the city of the cummerse


The road that gently crosses the countryside will lead you to Locorotondo, that ‘till the middle of the 17th century was called Luogorotondo (round shaped place) because of the historic city center’s shape. Here between blooming terraces, paved alleys and the trulli you will learn about the cummerse,the typical whitewashed households with sloping roofs. Look up and be amazed by the many bell towers that you will see arise from the white roofs.

Martina Franca, between art and history


Once arrived in Martina Franca you will discover in the historical city center, populated by white houses, the town scene enhance by the Baroque architecture: don’t miss the Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo dell’Università and Palazzo Maggi. Are you a music enthusiast? Then you have to take part in the Festival della Valle d’Itria that every year liven up the summer period with a calendar full of events.

Cisternino and its fornelli pronti


Just a few kilometers away you can reach the medieval village of Cisternino, that will welcome you with its Torre Normanno-Sveva right at the main entrance of the village. Walking through the whitewashed houses you will be immediately captured by the smell of roasting meat that comes from the famous fornelli pronti of the town: butcheries during the day and barbecue restaurant at night, here you can taste the traditional sausages, bombette and gnumeredde (different types of meat rolls). From the Ponte della Madonnina, on which stands out Palazzo Amati, you can have a great panoramic view of all the Valle dei Trulli.

Ostuni, the white city


Driving through the olive grove you will arrive at Ostuni, called the white city because of its historical center, entirely whitewashed white. While walking through alleys, white houses and “ground” workshops, so it’s called the city center, the stopovers that we recommend are the Cattedrale, in the center of the medieval village and the Museo di civiltà preclassiche della Murgia meridionale.

Trulli, masserie and cummerse are just waiting to be discovered with all their history to tell, are you ready to see them? Book you experience in one of this ancient households and find out all the activities in Itria Valley on our website. 

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