The best of #italydreamers on Instagram in July

It really seems that we have discovered what is the favorite destination of this summer of our #italydreamers, Puglia! Let yourself be enchanted by their places in the heart and by the surprise place we left you at the end.

1. Ostuni

Let’s start with a stroke of white! Ostuni is called the White City for the color of most of the houses in the city, especially in the historic center. Explore the tangle of streets, courtyards, and small squares that offer interesting ideas for really special photos: like the one of our @romasecondome. You can’t leave without first trying one of these specialties: the anchovies arracanate, the ‘ncaprata, a dish based on cream of broad beans with chicory and turnip greens, the brasciole or mint frittata.


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2. Baia di Porto Miggiano

Let’s dive together with @alessiapale in the crystal clear waters of the Baia di Porto Miggiano, one of the most beautiful beaches of Salento. Walk the steps carved into the rock that lead to the bay and enjoy this little corner of paradise. We also recommend a nice swim in the nearby Santa Cesarea Terme with its special sea stacks that create natural pools.


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3. Alberobello

Alberobello and its trulli, UNESCO heritage, are really a must-see for every visitor who comes to Puglia, as our @darlingkitty knows. The trulli are remarkable examples of dry stone construction, a prehistoric technique still in use in this region. In addition to these unique buildings, Alberobello offers among its narrow and well-kept alleys, small shops selling local products and some nice cafes and trattorias that serve local delicacies.


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4. Trani

For our last stop on this mini-tour of Puglia, we move further north to Trani with @ pino.di.lecce. In addition to its famous and splendid Cathedral on the sea, we suggest you to visit the characteristic historical center and the Giudecca with its two synagogues, a testimony of the numerous Jewish community that populated the city. Take the opportunity to enjoy a good glass of the famous Moscato di Trani!


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5. English Garden – Reggia di Caserta

We enter a magical and curious place, the English garden of the Reggia di Caserta wanted by Queen Maria Carolina of Austria. This section, called the cryptoporticus, is actually a fake Roman ruin. Having been conceived during the years of the discovery of Pompeii, it was deliberately built as such to give the impression to the visitors of the court to walk in the city at the foot of Vesuvius. Who knows if @sandrotti too felt a bit like Indiana Jones discovering a new world!


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Even this time we have reached the end of our best of July. While hoping you liked them and that you can take inspiration for your next trip to Italy, we remind you to tag us in your photos with #italydreamers to be part of our team next month. Have a good summer!

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