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The best of #italydreamers on Instagram in January

January, the first of 2019, is the month of good resolutions: ours is to take you to discover the most beautiful corners of Italy.

Such as? We followed our #italydreamers looking for the best shots on Instagram: here are five of our favourite January photos.

1. Matera

The city officially elected as European Capital of Culture 2019 couldn’t be missed. Thanks Enricalea for sharing this shot with us!

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2. Bologna

The Learned, the Fat, the Red, the Towered: welcome to Bologna, the city with the most porticos in the world, with 38 kilometres only in the historic centre, the count reaches 53 km with those outside the city.

Ing.leonardofania brought us here, we thank you for the photo!


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3. Roma

The dome of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, is one of the largest masonry roofs ever built, with an internal diameter of about 42 meters.

An experience you should not miss? The view from via Niccolò Piccolomini. While walking up the road, look at the dome and you will notice that the closer you get, the further it looks. Backing away, it will seem bigger and closer to you instead. Why? This is a curious optical effect, due to the layout of the buildings and the observation point.

The pictures is from In_italy.


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4. Firenze

We are under the splendid Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Its dome even beats that of St. Peter, ranking in first place as the biggest ever built in masonry, with an internal diameter of more than 45 meters and an external of 55 meters.

A curiosity: did you know that the dome is not actually a dome? It is, in fact, an octagonal vault given by the 45 ° intersection of two square plan vaults.

The next time you visit Florence, climb the 463 steps to watch it closely! The photo is by Davide.s90.


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5. Monte Scuro, Cosenza

We waited long, but the snow has finally arrived in Italy! Here we are on Monte Scuro, in Silano, one of the Luoghi del Cuore FAI. The evocative perspective from the drone is by Giovanni_editore.


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Want to see your picture in our February post? Remember to tag #italydreamers on your tours in Italy, we can not wait to share your shots!

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