Last minute destinations for Ferragosto that you can’t miss

Vacations are almost here and you haven’t decided what to do yet? Here are three last minute ideas for Ferragosto (a public holiday in Italy to celebrate the assumption of the Virgin Mary) not to be missed: at the seaside following the footsteps of the most famous chief of police in Italy; in the mountains between nature and tranquility of a national park; in the city between art and history.

At the seaside, following the footsteps of Montalbano


If you want to make a journey inside the journey you certainly have to follow the footsteps of Camilleri (an Italian writer, famous for the books of Montalbano, the chief of police in Ragusa) and of the most famous chief of police in Italy. From Ragusa Ibla, that hosts 14 world heritage monuments, you can visit all the locations of the life of Montalbano: the police station, piazza Vigata and the restaurant where he enjoyed his meal in religious silence. At sunset visit Punta Secca, the small fishermen’s village that still preserve the atmosphere of the old Sicilian villages, here you can start looking for the seafront villa that everyone envies him. A tour in Scicli, a baroque village nestled in the rock, will lead you to the historical palaces that in the TV series hosts the police station and the police headquarter. Lastly the sweet Modica, homeland of chocolate in Italy, that in many episodes is the set of the cases in which Montalbano investigates. Passing through these places, maybe with a detective story of Camilleri in one hand, it will let you live like in an authentic movie and a truly unique Ferragosto.

In Calabria, between the Giants of Sila


If you love nature and tranquility the Parco Nazionale della Sila is the ideal destination for your Ferragosto. From San Giovanni in Fiore, where you can admire the Abbazia Florense di Gioacchino da Fiore, you can travel to Camigliatello Silano and enjoy discovering the local craft products, fabrics, carpets and the Longobucco’s tapestries, a town where the art of traditional textile is still alive. From there you can go to Fallistro, where you can meet the Giants: larch pines and mountain larch 45 meters high in a hundreds year old forest where you can enjoy, also with your family, nature activities. Finally the sunset on Lago Cecita, artificially made by a dyke, today is the destination of many travelers that want to discover a suggestive and emotional atmosphere.

In Siena for the Palio dell’Assunta


The Palio is part of the life of Siena, the contrade (city quarters) that every year battle against each other to win the Palio, divide the city and control many aspects of the everyday life and regulates the life of the community. In the 4 days of the celebration, from the 13th to the 16th of August, you will experience Siena civil and religious ceremonies. The night trials, the “tratta”( the horses are paired with the 10 contrade), the draw, the six trials, the traditional chants, the costumes and the historical parade, the candle procession, the dinner of the general rehearsal, the “provaccia” ( a rehearsal race), the blessing of the horses and the jockey, the “drappellone” (the trophy). All this will leave you out of breath until the burst of the firecracker when even you, for just a couple of minutes of pure collective emotion, until the end of the race, will have your heart in your throat.


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