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9 exhibitions to see in 2019

With 2018 now running out, 2019 reserves us another 365 days, all to travel!

Choose your destination based on the 9 exhibitions to see in 2019: here is our list of the ones you should not miss next year.

  1. Chagall. Color and magic, Asti, 27/09/18 – 3/02/19
  2. Andy Warhol, Complesso del Vittoriano, Rome, 3/10/18 – 3/2/19
  3. Picasso Metamorphosis, Palazzo Reale, Milan, 10/18/18 – 2/17/19
  4. Pollock and the New York school, Complesso del Vittoriano, Rome, 10/10/18 – 24/02/19
  5. From Fontana to Christo, Matera, 12/15/18 – 25/02/19
  6. The Art of Banksy. A Visual Protest, Mudec, Milan, 11/21/18 – 14/04/19
  7. Escher, Palazzo delle Arti, Naples, 1/11/18 – 22/04/19
  8. Hokusai Hiroshige. Beyond the wave. Masterpieces from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Museo Civico Archeologico, Bologna, 12/10/18 – 3/03/19
  9. From Kandinski to Botero, all in one thread, Palazzo Zaguri, Venice, 1/11/18 – 10/31/19

Chagall. Color and magic at Palazzo Mazzetti

After the stop in Seoul, for the first time in Asti comes an exceptional selection of Chagall, one of the most beloved artists of the last century. Color and magic is the unique opportunity to admire live over 150 works including paintings, drawings, watercolors and engravings, largely private, signed by Marc Chagall, with a journey that investigates the dreamlike world of the artist, made of bright colors and intense nuances and populated by characters, real and imaginary, that crowd in his imagination.

Asti is also the city of Vittorio Alfieri, why not take the opportunity to visit his birth house?

Andy Warhol at Vittoriano

Over 170 works to capture the true essence of one of the most acclaimed artists in history: the exhibition on Andy Warhol, on the occasion of the ninetieth anniversary of his birth, wants to tell the incredible life of a character who has changed not only the world of art, but also that of music, cinema and fashion, with an original path that has revolutionized any previous aesthetic definition. 

And then Rome is always magical, in every season.

Picasso Metamorphosis at Palazzo Reale

Begun in the autumn, this exhibition hosted at Palazzo Reale will remain open to the public until February 2019. Picasso Metamorphosis is part of a series of exhibitions on the artist that the museum has undertaken over the years, and is dedicated to the relationship that the Spanish genius developed, throughout his career, with myth and ancient times, with 200 works that will allow you to explore his intense creative process from this particular perspective.

But it is also the perfect opportunity to visit Milan, and if you have not seen the city from above, get on the Duomo!

Pollock and the school of New York at Vittoriano

Pollock and the school of New York is the exhibition hosted at the Vittoriano di Roma dedicated to the action painting of the great artist, but also to other members of the school such as Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline. Through about 50 masterpieces including the famous Number 27, you will be catapulted into a world of vivid colors, harmony of shapes, subjects and abstract representations: welcome to abstract expressionism.

Da Fontana a Christo alla Galleria Albanese Arte

Opening the cycle of major exhibitions that will be organized to celebrate Matera as European Capital of Culture, From Fontana to Christo is a selection of works by international artists that have marked the international art scene of the post-war period. From the cutting of Lucio Fontana, to the sack of Burri, from the forks of Capogrossi to the spatialism of Bonalumi and Castellani, up to the ligatures of Christo, the project was born with the aim of bringing people closer to contemporary art, analyzing social issues and of behavior that marked the period. ù

In addition, 2019 is the magical year of Matera: what better time to visit it?

The Art of Banksy. A Visual Protest at Mudec

Bansky arrives at the Mudec in Milan with “The Art of Banksy, A Visual Protest”, the first exhibition in Italy on the famous contemporary artist, whose identity is still shrouded in mystery.

For the occasion, 70 private works created with the stencil technique will be exhibited, which Basky initially adopted for the speed of application, but which over time made his stroke immediately recognizable. I

f you are curious to learn more about the satirical approach with which the artist deals with topics such as politics, war, pollution, child exploitation, and in general the contradictory nature of Western society, the exhibition is an experience not to miss.

Escher at Palazzo delle Arti

The great retrospective of Escher, hosted in the halls of the Palazzo delle Arti in Naples until the end of April 2019, is one of the exhibitions to be marked in your to-do list for 2019: a journey of 200 works starting from Escher to the present day , in which, in addition to the works of the visionary Dutch genius, there are works of next generations influenced by his thought, from CDs to comics, from advertising to cinema.

And if you’ve never been to Naples, is it time to take a position on the sfogliatella: shortcrust or riccia?

Hokusai Hiroshige. Beyond the wave. Masterpieces from the Boston Museum of fine arts at Museo Civico Archeologico of Bologna

The exhibition, dedicated to the Japanese art of the mid-nineteenth century, exhibits, for the first time in Italy, a selection of about 250 works by Katsushika Hokusai and Utagawa Hiroshige from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The two artists are part of the group of exponents of the Fluctuating World who, in the thirties, created a series of silographies whose recurrent themes are the society of the time, the atmospheric elements, as well as the landscapes and views of Japan of the time.

After the visit, will you have enough breath to climb the Torre degli Asinelli?

From Kandinsky to Botero, all in one string at Palazzo Zaguri

100 tapestries exposed at Palazzo Zaguri, to retrace a century of art with its main protagonists, from Kandinsky to Dalì, from Miró to Andy Warhol, from Matisse to De Chirico: this exhibition, which is the largest in the world of tapestries on masterpieces of the ‘900, is the realization of a dream, that of Ugo Scassa, founder of one of the last Italian tapestries industry, who abandoned the construction industry to make his passion, contemporary art, a job.

Ready to get lost in the streets, fields and squares of Venice?

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